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NOP offers full-range mailing services in Cleveland, Ohio and nation-wide!

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So you've printed an amazing piece of informational or promotional collateral that you just know is going to blow your clients and prospects out of the water - but what about getting it into their hands? Sure, you could sit in your office with a mountain of printed pieces and a pile of stamps, spend a good few hours putting it all together, load up your trunk and drive out to the Post Office (and wait in line)...but what if we told you there was a simpler and cheaper way?

Northern Ohio Printing has the expertise and equipment to take the hassle out of marketing distribution, and we do it for a price that might surprise you! By using our printing services, you can not only save money, but you will also free up time/labor hours so you can concentrate on what you love - your business. 

As a recent finalist in the U.S. Postal Service's nation-wide Irresistible Mail competition, we know what it takes to have your piece stand out from the dozens if not hundreds of postcards and flats that your customers and leads receive on a weekly basis. Our experienced designers and marketing professionals are here to dream up a personalized, show-stopping mail piece just for you and your business goals. We were also uniquely selected to be the focus of a "Success in Direct Mail" case study, sponsored and initiated by the United States Postal Service. Click the image below for a full-size version of the great results we've been able to share during this partnership with USPS:


USPS Case Study




Bulk Mailing

What is bulk mailing?

By providing us with your mailing list/database, we can check and fix errors as well as provide optimization services such as CASS conversion to ensure that your mail pieces are delivered as quickly, accurately and as inexpensively as possible. We also offer first-class and non-profit shipping using our permits, saving you the cost of purchasing your own! By simply uploading your artwork and mailing database files, you can reach THOUSANDS of clients, prospects or members in a matter of days, all with a few clicks of your mouse.



What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail helps you find the customers that matter most! EDDM allows you to mail your collateral without having a list of names and addresses - simply specify the mailing routes/area you would like to target and your drop rate - your marketing materials are delivered right to their door. At NOP, we take care of your EDDM details for you! Whether it's filling out USPS paperwork, counting bundles or packaging up mailers to post office specifications, we take care of it for you all for less than the per-piece-cost of a postage stamp.


The Finishing Touches

At NOP, we understand just how much work goes in to finishing up your mailing piece. That's why we offer the following time-saving services to put the finishing touches on your job:

  • Folding
  • Inserting (machine/hand)
  • Collating
  • Sealing
  • Labeling
  • And much more!


Questions? Get in touch with one of our mailing specialists.